The Division – LIVE Survival/Patch 1.5 DLC PTS Gameplay

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The Division – LIVE Survival/Patch 1.5 DLC PTS Gameplay
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  1. I'm a little confused because in PvE in Dark Zone you find agents they can go rouge against you or only u will b alone on DZ or u can't go rouge because u playing the Survival DLC PVE?´╗┐

  2. Hey wasup disturbed. Big fan of yours talking to ya. Im trying to start plating The Division on pc, but i literally have no idea on what should i get…for example monitors, graphic cards, etc. If you can give me some advice i would really appreciate it. If anyone else knows what should i get, don't mind commenting pls. Thanks all´╗┐

  3. Wait I'm confused, I was thinking it was only room for like 1 helicopter ride…. I was thinking the storm was going to be so intense and cold and it would force player to meet in a middle point of the map ….. But that doesn't seem like it here?´╗┐


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