The Elder Scrolls Online – PlayStation 4 Pro Announcement | PS4

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We’re excited to showcase ESO running in 4K on a Sony PlayStation 4 Pro in this gameplay trailer.

If you play ESO on PlayStation 4 Pro with a 1080p HD television, you will experience increased graphical fidelity; if you use a 4K monitor, the game will automatically run in 4K. Keep in mind that in order to experience this trailer in 4K, you will need to view it on a 4K monitor. Enjoy!

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Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence


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  1. que elegancia de juego tiene un parecido a un juego que conozco, pero es muy original y buenas imágenes ojala tuviera un PS4, pues lastima que no tengo ningún tipo de consola pero cuando trabaje tenga lo por eso que me comprare una consola mi primera consola quiero que sea un PS4, los felicitó por esas buenas gráficas y felicidad su les dan años jugadores

  2. Sony did you realize the mistake in the video? It should say 1080 with more particles upscaled at 4k. Oh wait I understand. Your intention is to fool people to think ps4 pro is capable of running games at 4k, so they go ahead and buy Ps4 Proupscaler . Try to fool others i ain't going to buy that console dlc.

  3. F*ck the 4K, f*ck the HDR!

    All that the consoles players want from that new cheese PS4 is 1080p and 60 fps in all games! If this isn't happening in several month I selling my brand new PRO and buy myself a Xbox One S or Switch .

    Sony are U deaf!? Gamres just wanna 1080p60fps thats all!


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