The Evolution of Communication Technology

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Communication technology involves everything from telephones to computers to television. Like many other types of technology, it’s evolved more in the past two decades than it had in the two or three centuries before that. From letter writing and postal mail, we moved with surprising speed to telephones, black and white televisions, and mega computers with punch-card programming. Now, though, all those thing that our grandparents and parents lived through are a thing of the past. Communication technology is evolving quickly and in many different ways.

One of the major advances in this type of technology is that things are becoming clearer. The first televisions had a grainy, black and white picture that we would barely be able to watch today.  The first telephones were next to impossible to have long-distance conversations on, and even the first Internet connections were cumbersome and couldn’t transmit a lot of clarity. Now, though, we’re in the era of high-definition televisions where you can see a football game as if you’re sitting in the stands. We can talk to someone on the other side of the world as if they’re sitting in the same room. 4G Internet technology has allowed us to transmit crystal clear sounds and pictures through a few cords and a screen.

Another of the evolutionary processes in communication technology has been speed. Now, we can download information at the speed of light, practically, with 4G Internet technology. We can dial up a long-distance telephone number in a matter of seconds, and we can get new programs on our computer through our phone lines. Everything is getting faster, and new technological advances are coming on quicker than ever.

One thing that many people don’t realize in this onrush of new ideas, concepts, and creations is that it usually takes a decade or more to make the new things happen. Because every year so many new technologies arrive around the same time, we’re left thinking that things take six months or less to fully develop. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In all actuality, lots and lots of planning and preparation goes into nearly every technological breakthrough. Only once in a while is an advance something simple that comes from seemingly nowhere.

In the case of the popular new 4G Internet technology, it would seem that this technology sprang up quickly out of 3G advances. Actually, 4G thoughts started about eight years ago in 2002, when an international collective of technology companies set forth goals for the new technology. Since then, advances have come slowly, and 4G connections have moved from advanced 3G – sometimes known as 3.5G – to WiMax to today’s true fourth generation technology.

Chances are likely that the technology companies already have goals in mind for fifth generation technology, even before they’ve got the fourth generation on the market. Technological advances don’t happen overnight. In fact, companies just spend decades planning them out. Then, when new things are released, they seem as if they have just been invented and given to the public fully formed.

Source by Laura Williamson
Laura Williamson


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