The Last Of Us Part II – 5 Things We Know

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Rob and Hollie have been finding out all they can about Naughty Dog’s huge announcement from PSX – the sequel to their massive post-apocalyptic hit, The Last Of Us Part II.

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  1. Ok, to everyone saying that Joel is dead…here's my interpretation. Firstly, he's not dead. If he were, there'd be very little point in hiring Troy Baker yet again. They could have rehashed his dialogue from the previous game and melded it together to say those few, but ultimately ambiguous words. 2) I don't think he is a figment of her imagination. Joel has always been a strong, resilient and independent character, and I very much doubt he'd die at the hands of the fireflies when he could single handedly take out 6 men. Sure, he could have been bitten and infected, but since Ellie, as far as we still know, is immune, she could potentially transfer blood and thereby, with romantic allowance, make him immune too. 3) Ellie most likely has become infected. We can see from the trailer the she's been bitten, scratched etc. Her trembling hands could be a sign she's turning. 4) As for Joel being all clean and tidy, well, Ellie was always impulsive, and likely she ran away, and Joel found her in the cabin. These theories aren't the best, but I really don't think Joel is dead. I think Ellie found out about Joel's lie, she decides to leave, shit hits the fan they reunite.

  2. Aw Joel had a better playstyle, Ellie just won't cut it as a lead for me, I want the brutal physical duels that I just don't see with her, not interested in hair pulling. Hope Days Gone will be good.

  3. This may sound like a stupid question, but When Ellie say "she's going to find and kill every last one of them" Find and Kill Whom?? Joel was the one who broke the deal in taken Ellie to be the cure for humanity, so I'm confused by who Ellie is so pissed of with…unless she's speaking of an issue within part 2.

  4. I get the feeling they won't kill of Joel yet. They know that we all love Joel and Ellie. But there will inevitably be an end for Joel possibly LoU3. I won't be surprised if they kind of do a prequel. LoU took place 20 years after the outbreak. They have the opportunity to include a lot that may have happened in those twenty years. It would also be good to see how it was right after the outbreak.

  5. game mechanics: would be awesome if ai would hunt you in a similar way to how you hunt them in TLOU instead of just slowly patrolling areas. They would stay hidden better, creep, set traps, communicate better, step on glass, accidentally knock things over, change the environment by moving cover etc etc etc just tons of tiny details that make their behaviour less predictable. Also if sound played a much deeper role in hiding, movement and locating enemies. And if with a companion, they might help you more by giving information about enemy numbers and whereabouts (at least what they can see) etc.. I'm sure Naughty Dog will be doing all this anyway, just thoughts I had while playing Left Behind again this evening (Platinum'd it 🙂 thoughts?


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