The Last of Us Remastered LIVE Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (PS4 PRO) w/ Bunny Girl

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  1. It would be nice if you turned down your mic and/or turned up the game volume. Could barely hear it and turning up the volume hurt my ears from your screaming. Also not a fan of the chat thing, it's just a distraction and prevents you from really enjoying the game. There is no reason to do a chat while playing a game.

  2. love your content but when you play a new game you never played before I don't think you
    should do a live steam because there is always going to be and asshole that's going to tell u what happens in the game

  3. I understand why you're doing this, but live-streaming is not the best way to play this game. I've tried to watch several live streams, but every player tends to spend so much time responding to the watchers that they miss important parts of the game. I watched through about a third of this before I had to give it up. It was wonderful seeing what it looks like on a Pro though. Looks way better than my old PS3 version, even on my 4k tv. I probably won't be springing for a Pro until a little nearer the release date of TLoU part 2. Hopefully all the bugs will be worked out of the system by then.

    Hope you enjoy this awesome game, BG…

  4. Why not watch the chat when nothing is happening on the screen? "Is it christmas?" and "What am I supposed to do now?" right after you were told what to do is kid of annoying to watch. Other than that you are a funny (bunny?), smart girl. Keep up the good work!

  5. To bad she uses the chat for a game like this… first off a bunch of spoilerdicks can ruined the game for her and second you can not even focus on the dialog and the story witch makes this game one of the best! I know you wanna share it with the followers but with a game like this… 200% ppl are gonna spoil it for you. Bummer


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