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Eco-Friendly Travel
Looking for luxury travel that’s eco-friendly? Silverjet, a new British airline, is striving to become the world leader in environmentally friendly business-class travel. Included in every ticket price is a carbon offset fee, which is put into green projects such as wind farms or energy efficient projects. And since the carrier flies a single aircraft fleet of 767’s with configuration of just one class, they can pass savings onto passengers. Currently, the airline is only from New York City to London.

True In-Flight Comfort
Delta is now offering personal sleepers in their international business class – the first U.S. carrier to do so. The lie-flat seats recline into a 6-foot 3-inch bed and also feature an entertainment system, digital music and video, a privacy screen, video monitor, footrest, and personal cargo compartment.

Strap in the Kiddies
It’s about time! The FAA just approved a child restraint device that is making the lives of traveling parents easier. The Child Aviation Restraint System (CARES) provides the safety of a car seat without the boarding hassles. The system is small enough to fit in your pocket and easy to install. The straps latch around the back of the seat, creating a shoulder harness and the lower part attaches right to the seat belt.

Privacy, Please
Delta Airlines is installing the Cozy Suite on its international 767’s and 777’s. The design has staggered seating, providing privacy and wrapped chairs designed at the perfect angle for sleeping. Unfortunately, they won’t be installed until 2010.

Paper Shampoo
Yes, it is actually called Paper Shampoo and it’s one company’s answer to the recent liquid restrictions on airplanes. If you are flying without checking luggage, this unique shampoo solution is just what you need – all you do is mix the sheet with water and it dissolves into a lather.

Electrical Circuit Test
On a more serious note, an advanced detection device is furthering airplane safety. An electrical circuit test can detect and locate faulty wiring in airplanes, which is often hard to detect even during routine maintenance checks. The device is much more cost-efficient than troubleshooting problems that arise from faulty wiring and can prevent the grounding of entire fleets.

Surfing Sky-High
American Airlines is the latest in a string of carriers that will now be offering wireless internet on-board. Not only would this provide entertainment on long, boring flights, but business travelers could be much more productive.

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