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If you love to entertain but find that your over is just that little bit too small for that roast or turkey at Christmas than the you will appreciate the latest development in cooking technology from Hotpoint. With a huge 70 litre capacity, the ‘A’ rated Openspace has 20% more space than a traditional single oven whilst still retaining a standard single oven dimension.

How is that possible? I hear you ask? Well, it’s not magic or anything to do with Doctor Who. With a clever insulating divider the oven can be split into two compartments that can be used independently, letting you cook at two different temperatures and two cooking modes at the same time.

This new generation of ovens – the first of which is Hotpoint’s Openspace provide maximum flexibility offering four different spaces for cooking.

For one, you will have and extra large space which you can use as one extra large 70 litre space or cook on four shelves at once. No doubt this will come in hand at Christmas of next time you have the family around for a Sunday roast.

You will also have a small space. The divider allows the use of the top part of the oven with two functions; fast cooking and grill. Imagine just how handy this would be when all you want is to cook your M&S ready mean and would rather not wait for the large oven to preheat.

It’s also worth noting that with the main space, the divider allows the use of the bottom two thirds of the oven as a fan oven. Fan ovens are great for even temperature distribution, and more energy efficient.

Both small and main spaces can be used at the same time and at two different temperatures and functions with independent programmable timers, so you no longer need the timing skills of a Michelin star chef to time dinner right.

In addition to providing more cooking space, Hotpoint’s Openspace ‘A’
rated oven is energy efficient too. The newly designed fast heating grill in Small Space makes a saving of up to 25% on energy consumption and 40% on heat-up time, whilst using the Small Space cavity as an oven can save up to 40% on total cooking time compared to a standard single oven.

The Extra Large Space also incorporates Hotpoint’s Intelligent Cooking System which has four programmes to cook a roast, pizza, cakes or bread perfectly and simply at the touch of a button.

And best of all for all those who are washing averse, the dishwasher-safe divider and stunning fingerprint resistant stainless steel finish help Openspace to look great in any kitchen. Plus, the FastClean pyrolytic model cleans itself at the simple touch of a button; an economic and easy way to clean the oven, doing all the hard work for you.

So what do you think then? More to ovens than you thought? I guess that’s what you call progress.

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