The Many Advantages Of Purchasing An Android Phone

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The Apple iPhone may get most of the media’s attention, but it is not the only great phone on the market today. More and more people are learning that there are quite a few Android phones out on the market today. These phones are available with just about every carrier today on a variety of makes and models. The Android phone is quickly growing to becoming the most popular mobile phone platform that there is. Find out some of the advantages of using an Android phone.

One huge benefit of this phone’s platform over others is that it has true multitasking. This means that you can be running more than one application at a time on various devices. This is great when you need to switch back and forth between applications that you are using. Also this means that the platform will be easier to expand in coming years when hardware can do more.

The Android platform will be around for a number of years. This is a huge advantage since you know for a fact that it’s going to be continued to be developed as it’s an open platform. This is great since you can get used to it and won’t have to relearn something year after year.

You can feel confident investing money into applications. Since these can be used again and again with other phones, you are future proofing your mobile applications helping you out in the long run.

You are not locked into one carrier. You can choose what is best for your area and use that. This is a big advantage since you can get a quality platform while having a phone that you know will get a good signal and have the fastest speeds on the internet with the best reception.

You won’t be locked out of features on the operating system as it’s more open than other platforms. There have been issues in the past with things like Skype or Google Voice. All of these will work on it. No one can withhold developers from making whatever applications they want.

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