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The Martian VR Experience is based upon the Mark Wahlberg movie of the same name, and sees you using PlayStation VR to live out some of the scenes from the movie on the PS4.

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  1. everytime I hear matt Damon name I always think of that thunderbirds style animated film. for the life of me I can't think of what it was called. Anyway the Martian looks like it should have been a free add on if you bought the film over crimbo lol. boring film so sounds like this is just following suit. 1 potatoes 2 patatoe 3 potatoe 4. bet you had a mashing time playing it ha ha ha

  2. The Martian VR Experience is based upon the Mark Wahlberg movie of the same name, and sees you using PlayStation VR to live out some of the scenes from the movie on the PS4.

    he was in the fucking movie!

  3. thank you for the heads up.. I also do believe this is way overpriced for what it is… you get more from oh my genesis for only 3 bucks. this should be a $3.99 value IMHO

  4. I bought my PSVR on launch, had extremley fun with it for about 4 days. Then I saw the price of upcoming titles, and decided to sell my unit after owning it only 2,5 weeks.
    1. The games are generally pretty short.
    2. The games are WAAAAY to pricey. Especially in retrospect #1

    So basically you buy a unit for 400 bucks, a game for 40 dollars, and you get about 5-6 hours entertainment. Add another 40-60 bucks and you get a few more hours, and repeat.

    VR is great, it's here to stay. But no good value games in sight…

  5. I usually like your videos but when you can't even get the name of the guy who starred in the movie that this experience is based on makes me think have you even seen the film. If you enjoyed the movie with Matt Damon in and found that interesting then this let's you experience a similar sort of things he does. It is the same price if not more than you can buy the film on Blu-ray in the U.K. so price is high but I wish you had gone into more detail on this video or got someone else to talk about it who was more interested in it.

  6. Why do you think this is too expensive? Even though it might not be too long and isn't something you want to be playing often, a lot of work is still put into it, not making it worth developing if sold for a lot cheaper considering the VR market isn't anywhere close to what the standard gaming market is. A $5 Xbox or PC game will make a lot more than a $50 VR game.

  7. It's way to tacky and old school game physics kind a for a PS4 and High end PC . where is the emotion and feeling of being on Mars besides looking at the environment . I thought Ridley really wanted people to experience a life on Mars. this is not that, this is just a poor game with a great idea that didn't reach it's potential.. Can we please have a new try mr. Scott, and please go for Details in everything as we know you for .. oki. sorry for being negative, but i really wanted to love this idea, but once again they don't deliver the experience and the journey of illusion..

  8. Thanks for the heads up, jisses, someone who is pricing these vr titles must be smoking crack. This looks like 5-10$ MAX would be an okay price. Bought eve valkyrie on launch day for like 60$ and man was I dissapointed, its hardly enough content to call it a 60$ game. Im hoping resident evil will be good. So far, most psvr titles sucks. Best I have played is "here they lie". VR worlds is cool, but if you did not get it with your box – its not worth spending 40$ on


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