The New Beast Encore KODI Build 2016 by ChrisB, Review and how to install!

A Simple Click Really Helps

This is the latest version of the Beast Encore by ChrisB, the 2016 version based on the Hybrid skin with all the goodies that the guru selected and mixed for an awesome, small sized & light-weight build that can be installed on any device, from a Firestick to a high end super desktop computer!
This is a family build, with the best addons for Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Live Sports, Kids and more!
The url for Ares Wizard is: OR
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  1. i was on your website and i notice alot if not all your comments and reviews match the reviews from other websites…..YOU ARE PLAGIARISING AND I HAVE INFORMED THE WEBSITES YOU HAVE STOLEN FROM WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS ILLEGAL…..

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  2. i have tried and tried and it doesnt load has to be the most frustrating programme ever. somebody must have produced an accurate set of instructions that doesnt need a rocket scientist or clairvoint to follow them, please help someone

  3. The wizard is not hosting registrations to sign up therefore you will not get a pin anymore. The current Ares Wizard only has The Beast 1.4 & 1.6 but not Encore. Do you know how we can get Encore builds?


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