The new LG Quantum Review

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The hype of Windows 7 phones is being incorporated by most phone brands and LG is not far behind. Although the LG Quantum is the 3rd Windows 7 phone, after Samsung Focus and HTC Surround, it is the first Windows phone to offer a full QWERTY keyboard. This feature definitely gives it an advantage over other similar phones in the market. While the Quantum may come across as a simple messaging phone, its features offer much more for the user. The phone has a strong and effective hardware with an excellent keyboard. The design is not one of the best assets of the LG Quantum.

However at closer look the phone has a much smoother finish and is sleek enough without having an over the top design. The curved edges make the phone easy to hold and have a smooth and durable sliding mechanism for the keyboard. The screen has a high resolution and does not pose any problem while viewing content on the phone. The keyboard buttons are not cramped and provide ease while typing a message or an email. The QWERTY keyboard is not just an addition to boost the value of the phone but actually provides comfort for the user.

The phone is lighter than most of its peers and hence dropping the phone might be one of the major concerns. LG Quantum accessories will help protect the phone from damage in case it is dropped. There are several accessories that users can choose from such as an LG Quantum case or LG Quantum covers. There is a large variety of LG Quantum accessories that users can choose from to protect their phones. Leather LG Quantum covers are one of the most common form of covers amongst users as these covers are simplistic in design and provide optimum protection. Leather LG Quantum cases are softer and they absorb shock in case the phone is dropped or comes in contact with a hard surface.

While buying LG Quantum accessories online it is important to ensure that you buy from a renowned and well known source that will provide you with high quality and reliable LG Quantum Cases. Original cases are made specifically for the phone and fit the phone perfectly and thereby increase its protection. Online research will help you find the best sources for ideal LG Quantum covers that are of a high quality and help you keep your phone in mint condition for a longer time.

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