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Lock industry has a wide range of product areas. Utility as a security alarm, must be continuous improvement in technology, constantly updated to combat unlock tools and other technical open method. Although the existing lock a wide range of very different shape structure, the lock cylinder is also more complex internal structure, but most of the technical principles of mechanical locks there is no essential difference between the lock core component low capacity constraints, can not lock up against the technical results.

  Over the years, R & D personnel in the lock industry is in the lock cylinder shape structure, attachment to make a fuss, in the operating methods are similar, not completely open from the anti-technical point of view, the use of reverse thinking to R & D between the lock core components constraint theory, resulting in a technical tool with anti-lock open or simple destructive opening easier. Xu Weiliang invention ZL200620053041.8 patented breakthrough technology of the industry’s inertia bottleneck, standing anti-sabotage and anti-technical perspective of open and solve the problem. The patented technology, aims to provide a lock cylinder internal constraints between the strong component, simple structure and low manufacturing cost, easy to use, safe and reliable new type of mechanical lock, mechanical locks the keys Tajiang ordinary channel, rotating devices, card sales and other visual and method of operation between layers of isolation techniques used, not with anti-lock tools (such as simple wrench or electric drill and other special force) and non-technical way to open the normal opening.

    The general quality of the lock from the security, security, appearance and other aspects of study, the current security doors, car locks, etc. are the industry standard, but the state still to establish a common standard lock in the current bottleneck of this technology on the basis of inertia, giving The patented technology has brought a good opportunity for promotion. A variety of high-grade construction, luxury commercial housing in large numbers, greatly boosted consumer demand locks, lock industry, the current annual sales in China reached 30 billion yuan. Along with several residential and automotive pillar industries, lock industry, further expand the market, it brings more opportunities to make business. Xu Weiliang developed “mechanical locking rear marbles and keys,” with its unique technology will open up a vast market, and lead the industry in innovation and development.

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