The new MacBook Pro: How Apple added touch without a touchscreen

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Apple’s latest laptops have a particularly neat trick up their sleeves.

Top 5 things Apple’s new MacBook Pros are missing:
Key features in the new MacBook Pro:
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  1. Apple should make that new giant Trackpad on MBPs, TOUCHABLE (it already is, but not as a touchscreen) to input data or drawings on the screen using fingers and/or a pointing device (ApplePencil compatible, maybe). The inclusion of a touch bar is not enough.

  2. 1. No magsafe
    2. No normal usb ports
    3. No thunderbolt
    4. Strange place for headphone jack
    5. Idk about touch panel, i rly need it? Standart keys was so good.

    Hmm idk, very strange. It's still PRO book for work or?

  3. Keyboard = DORKED. This was a really bad move that will alienate a whole group of people who require good keyboards to remain comfortable typing for hours a day. Can you imagine how many writers and programmers are going to be throwing stuff across the room when they realize what Apple just gave them? Junk… I predict a very strong resale price for used 15" MacBook Pros with retina from late 2015. I'm certainly going to start looking for one!

  4. Apple knows if they add a touch screen to their pro books people will be less interested in their tables. Thats why for all this time they're still leaving it out, come on we're almost in 2017, and now Microsoft is kicking Apple's ass.

  5. They added a touch bar but couldn't make the screen touchable too? Damn apple you could have made a lot of business by adding the two. If it were touch screen with the bar. I'd buy it in heart beat

  6. Worst Macbook Pro EVER!! It's a PRO… Not a Regular or an AIR! And, No Ethernet… anymore, either! Laptops only need to be so thin… I'd rather have the older style keyboard & trackpad… and, screw that touch bar… it's gonna be way too inconvenient to see and reach, under most circumstances… a lot of people use their laptops in different styles & types of chairs, and while laying down!


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