The Nintendo Switch “Hack”

A Simple Click Really Helps

Hello guys and gals, me Mutahar again! This time we take a look at the newest system and reports of its hacks that seem to have spread like wildfire! Thanks for watching!
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“Pamgaea” by Kevin MacLeod



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  1. They're so out of touch that they thought hiding the web browser from the UI but still having it in the system would be enough to prevent browser exploits haha

    I might actually buy a wiiu now that it's hackable, never picked one up because the game library just isn't big enough to justify it. But if I can get one to play all my wii and gamecube games as well as the wiiu library, it'd finally be worthwhile picking up as my original wii hardware is getting pretty abused

  2. the switch is definetly not competing eith phones and tablets. the main features of my phone are everything else than gaming. Phones are about Social media and communication. the switch does not offer that. the switch simply doesnt compete with that market in any way.
    And what you are basically saying is let the people fuck with the system cus they want to. i bet they woulndt get massive cheater problems in online games and i bet letting the people run illegal software (pirated stuff) wont get them into trouble. If you really want to make your own indies and apps for the system the just go for it. no one is stopping you to do so. Just dont pull what VVVVVV's developers did and youll be fine.


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