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Complete Management of KODI. This is the only Kodi add-on that is ever needed for Kodi. Yes Nothing Else Required.

What Can I do with this Kodi Add-on?

Install Builds (Packed with Add-ons) Save tons of time!

Install The best Kodi Add-ons
Manage your Kodi Box Android
Fix Buffering in Kodi

Will This Kodi add-on last?

Yes it has been around for a very long time!!

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What Devices Do I cover

Plex, Kodi, Nvidia Shield, BeeLink, Fire TV, Firestick, Android Phones, Android TV boxes, and how to use this With Kodi media center, also smart TV, installing kodi on smart tv and installing Kodi on any device. What can you do with this type of setup. You can do the following:

Watch free tv, watch free sports, watch free movies, watch free content, watch free cable tv, and cut the cable!

No Buffering, on some of these addons. Some of my favorite are:

Zen TV Kodi Addon
Phoenix Kodi Addon
UK Turks
Sports Devil

I only cover, free kodi, free kodi addons, and free streaming addons for kodi nothing else.

Oh By the way Keep in Mind..

Kodi is a registered trademark of the XBMC Foundation. This content is in no way connected to or affiliated with Kodi, Team Kodi, or the XBMC Foundation. No wizards, builds or addons are 3rd party, and are no way connected to myself or Kodi. These videos are for education only.



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  1. I have amazon fire stick and my screen doesn't look like yours , when I go to settings there is no file manager at all only device which doesn't have file manager either , do you have any idea why !

  2. Within the Ares Wizard I've been running Jeds fire builds Xenon for several weeks now. It's one of the best builds if not the best builds I've ever ran and I've tried out a lot of builds. If people want to install Xenon and run XXX the password for XXX is 69.

  3. Yes, I agree my friend. ARES WIZARD /PROJECT/REPO was, is and will be my all-time favorite. Why? Because it's THAT dependable. Not to "brag" but I think I mentioned to you that I tried out most of the best streaming devices available on the 2017 market. For instance, the idea of trying out the "BEELINK GT" streaming device was originated from you. To try the NVIDIA SHIELD (PRO) and the MINIX NEO U-9 device came from Stephen Cornelious who also has great YouTube video presentations, pretty much similar to yours. ( I.e. next to nothing "Umm"s and "Uhh"s, which to me means that the presenter is hesitant – in other words: not fully focused). What I experienced in the past couple of weeks was that no matter how decent is our internet speed and how expensive our streaming devices are, glitches / buffering(s) – especially trying to watch 4K and 3D movies – and broken links including the message "Stream is not available" etc – are still pretty frequent. Also, and please believe me when I say that I am not trying to negatively criticize the sources – the picture quality with newly released movies, i.e. "Kong Skull Island" and the "Beauty and the Beast" are not HD at all. In fact, they are so blurry that they are unwatchable. Not only that but when I chose the "Beauty and The Beast" from any available sources (Specto, Zen, Exodus, etc.etc.) a totally different family movie came up from the Hallmark channel. To recap: Although at this stage I would never let my paid cable TV channels go, I am extremely grateful to the developers what they achieved so far. My streaming will remain to try to watch movies for which companies otherwise would charge anywhere between $4.99 to $14.99. Also, I'm very relieved to be assured that streaming through Kodi remains safe and lawful. Thank you for this video!

  4. Only a few things I use on my firestick.. KODI, SPMC (the foundation to addons)
    ARES WIZARD (for putting builds onto KODI or SPMC)
    ZEN, SPECTO, EXODUS (movies/shows)
    THE PLAYERS KLUB (live TV channels)
    MP3 STREAMS (music)
    SPORTS DEVIL (live sports)
    PHOENIX, BOB, UK TURKS (extra stuff)


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