The Samsung Galaxy S, smart phone of the future

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It is new and almost not from this world, the Samsung Galaxy S. This phone is so full of fine new tricks and useful apps that it is difficult to just discuss this new Samsung device. We will do it differently. No simple information about this phone, but nine good reasons for you to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S. Here we go:

o The speed of the Samsung Galaxy S; Because the device has a 1 GHz processor Hummingbird, the Samsung Galaxy S is extremely quick. Whether you want to view your email, check some files, or you want to update your social networks’ status, everything can be done quickly and easily. For both work and leisure, the Samsung Galaxy S is wonderful. You can for example use the 3G connection on your phone, wirelessly with other Wi-Fi devices like your laptop.

o The Samsung Galaxy S has a strong Android operating system; Samsung has put the software on the Samsung Galaxy S entirely in the hands of Android and the result is great. The Galaxy S comes with the Android 2.1 installed, it has many apps integrated in the operating system. For example it supports the use of Outlook now without an extra app.

o Many practical apps for the Samsung Galaxy S; The Android operating system also allows you to have access to the Android Market with your Samsung Galaxy S. Here you find lots of apps that you can easily put on your phone.

o Swype, fast creation of a message with your Samsung Galaxy S; The Galaxy Samsung S has a very handy app for a special keyboard: Swype. This allows you to create messages in a new way. You type the letters no longer one by one, but slide from letter to letter without lifting your finger. The Samsung Galaxy S recognize the letters and makes the right word. Swype is very fast and easy to use. But if you do not like it, you can easily just leave the app and type normally.

o The big memory capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S; You can choose for a Samsung Galaxy S with either 8GB or 16GB internal memory. In both cases you have the option to expand the memory up to 32GB with a microSD card. This means that you have a huge amount of memory. Very practical of course for all the photos and videos you want to make with the Samsung Galaxy S!

o The 5-megapixel camera of the Samsung Galaxy S; With its fast, a bit noisy camera, you will take great photos. Because the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S is equipped with face detection, smile detection and blink detection. A small disadvantage of the phone is that there is no flash on the camera is. So you can only take pictures with the Galaxy S when there is sufficient light.

o The Samsung Galaxy S can be used as remote control for your Samsung TV; Whether it is the most useful feature of the Samsung Galaxy S is doubtful, but it is fun nonetheless: you can use the Samsung Galaxy S as a remote for your TV. If you have a Samsung TV that is.

o The Samsung Galaxy S is very thin and light; You may need to get used to in the beginning, because the difference in weight between the Samsung Galaxy S and other smart phones is striking. The Galaxy S only weighs 119 grams! Even though it has a huge screen. The Samsung Galaxy S also is incredibly thin; only less than one centimeter. These qualities combined make this phone ideal for people who already carry enough (heavy) stuff every day.

o Gigantic screen on the Samsung Galaxy S; not an AMOLED screen, but a huge 4 inch Super-AMOLED touch screen is on the Samsung Galaxy S. This means that this device not only has brilliant colors, but the screen will not reflected in bright sunlight too.

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