The Sound of Silence – Modern Warfare Remastered

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The Sound of Silence – Modern Warfare Remastered
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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was a special game for me; it was the gateway to other FPS games, new friends, and gaming videos on Youtube.

COD4, whether it intended to or not, had a MAJOR impact on my life, and I wanted to pay tribute to the amazing remastered Modern Warfare with this video!

I want to give 3 special thanks;

Thanks to my middle school friends who, 10 years ago, suggested I pick up Call of Duty 4 and play online with them.

Thanks to Jason West and Vince Zampella, the visionaries who cultivated one of the most captivating military games we have seen (especially to Vince for contacting Infinity Ward during the creation of Modern Warfare Remastered –

And thanks to Infinity Ward, Raven Software, Beenox, and Certain Affinity for working hard to ensure that Modern Warfare Remastered would stay true to the original game and surpass expectations.

I look forward to the new memories that will be created on Modern Warfare Remastered multiplayer this year!

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Thanks for watching!

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  1. I might join treyarch and make a cod gameI'll name it Call Of Duty: Regeneration In Regeneration I'll bring back all theBest things in call of duty's historyExcluding: Supply Drops, Exo Suits, And Futuristic Bull Shit There will be specialists.

  2. I all most started to cry from the memories of COD4 and how much fun I had and it also gave me an escape from all the real world problems l was having in my family and it made me forget about all of the negatives in my life! So thank u Merk for this it means a lot to me and to a whole bunch of others!!!


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