The Top 5 Free Weather Apps for iPhone

A Simple Click Really Helps

Imagine finding yourself in the middle of a sudden downpour without a rain jacket or umbrella, or wishing you could be out snowboarding but don’t know what it’s like on the mountain. Fortunately it is now very easy to save yourself the hassle of being unprepared for upcoming weather conditions by using these 5 apps.

1) Weather Channel – Weather Channel Interactive

Take your weather experience to the next level by using the Weather Channel App. It features full screen maps, extended forecasts, severe weather alerts, and more. Stay safe by using the hurricane central link too.

2) Free Digital Temperature – Purple Innovation

A very simple app that tells you the temperature where ever you are. Using GPS this app targets your location and lists the temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. Great if you are outside hiking, biking, camping or just plain curious.

3) Sunrise Sunset Lite – Kekoa Vincent

This app is a great app for simply finding out what time the sunrise and sunset are. It can calculate your location using GPS and adjust for your time zone and daylight savings time. In addition it will also tell you when dawn, solar noon and dusk are, as well as Duration of daylight.

4) What I Should Wear – Lucid Technology

As one reviewer said “This App is fabulous. All I can say is OH.MY.GOODNESS!! Finally someone had the sense to make a useful app! I absolutely love love love it! Now I can look fabulous no matter what the weather!;).” This app first asks if you are male or female, then calculates where you are and what the weather is before suggesting what you should wear.

5) Snow Report – North Face

If you are an avid ski or snowboarder you need this app on your iPhone. It contains all the information you will need including detailed snow conditions and snowfall totals for your favorite resorts. There is also twitter integration so you can spread the word quickly on awesome snow days. Additional features you will love are links to avalanche forecasts, directions to get there, trail maps and much much more. You won’t miss a thing with Snow Report.

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