The Toughest Review I’ve EVER Made – Final Fantasy XV

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In my over 8 years making videos for YouTube, I’ve never found myself in such a love/hate relationship with a single game as I have been with Final Fantasy XV over the last month. I found myself cutting, re-cutting and changing my mind frequently during the creation of this review. It’s VERY LONG, but it also covers all of the major positives and negatives of this ultimately flawed masterpiece. Please enjoy my FFXV review!

Check out my full RAW playthrough of Final Fantasy XV (including all meaningful post-game content) here:

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  1. Still having difficulty to pick this game even at $40. I stopped playing FFs after FFX, not including X-2. Square Enix should stop fucking westernizing the final fantasy series.

    I miss the good old days when developers sold a complete product.
    I missed that variety of magic, and completion of blue magic.
    I missed the wide array of characters in your party which are fully playable and customizable.
    I missed the pursuit for maxed out stats, ultimate weapons, armors for that sweet 9999-99999 damage.
    I missed those ultimate boss battles that were hard as fuck that would make you want to get all those ultimates and max your stats.
    I missed that turn-based combat period.

  2. -Gives Game 8/10…

    -Gets assaulted in comments by Fanboys.

    C'mon guys, the issues he raised are legitimate, and despite them the game got a pretty positive grade.
    I think the review was spot on, bro. A really good game that could have been amongst the greatest ever, but still a good game. And I have 138 hours invested so I know whereof I speak. Thanks for the review KO!

  3. I'm not going to lie. This game COULD'VE been the best game ever. This was my 1st FF game I've ever played. And I've seen playthroughs of other FF games. And I pre-ordered this game. Played it. Beat it. Explored. Did most of the side content. It was fun at the beginning, it really was. I was satisfied by this game. I was connected to the characters, and I loved the whole party group. But something was missing… They Had this game in development for 10 years. I go through the main missions enjoying it, just to come to the fact that I don't even have regular boss battles. Everyone of them got killed off by the main major enemy in the game.. like wtf. And then they throw you into a boss battle at the end of the game against someone YOU BARLEY knew or got to know in the game. They could've made the game longer at least for the story. I thought the game play was good, and the graphics and even the dialogue. But there was a few things missing in this game and I don't think it was worth $60… In my opinion, this game was OVER HYPED, like really really over hyped. And I joined that hype thinking it was going to be a game changer for RPG lol. Don't get me wrong. it was Good. but it could've been BETTER. If I was able to see into the future of how this game was going to turn out. I would buy this game for ATLEAST $35-$40 And that's the bare minimum. For Anyone still thinking to buy this game, buy it when its atleast $35 because if your knew to the FF series and your looking for a GREAT STORY and AMAZING characters. This is NOT what your looking for. But if you want an AMAZING RPG experience and Exploration. This is your game. But please don't waste $60 at least wait till it's $35 in my opinion…

  4. The list was actually 100 things but I cant find the last part. Any idiot that thinks FFXV is one of the worst games of 2016 is on crack or PCP. If it was a bad game I would not have been able to find 10 let alone 100 things to love about it. Clearly the bottom line is people that hate this game are just retarded as all hell. To me, it was up there with FF6. I don't expect you ppl to agree with me but if you cant at least see brilliance in FFXV, then you are just stupid. Because there is just so much to love about FFXV. Do not ever breed and honestly the world would be a better place without you.

  5. Here is a counterpoint to your whole review
    75 things I just love about Final Fantasy XV
    1.The collectible soundtracks, there are so many of them to collect and jam out to!!!
    2.The beautiful display of brotherly comraderie shown throughout the game in many ways.
    3.Being able to customize the Regalia with stickers.
    4.Chocobos, chocobos and more chocobos. They can be rented for up to a week.
    5.All the little touches for longtime fans like when Noct sings the Chocobo song or hums the Fanfare theme.
    6.The Ascension ability grid. It's a welcome throwback to FFX's grid-based skill tree.
    7.The 13 badass Royal arm weapons. They just rock and they look totally badass!!!
    8.The updated FF classic "Prelude" or crystal theme played in the game's main menu. It sounds better than ever.
    9.The hunts, oh the wonderful hunts…
    10.The realistic touches of the magic spells, on the environment.
    11.How fishing has it's own battle system and how it is presented as combat.
    12.Being able to share Prompto's photos with my friends, via FaceBook
    13.The incredible soundtrack, it is just mesmerizing.
    14.How each one of Ignis's recipes offers a unique status boost.
    15.The return of camping and tents, Yay!!!!
    16.Completely randomized respawning treasures, making sure there is always something new to find.
    17.Its not in the game but I love how in the game box there is a small insert signed by all the ppl who made the game thanking you for your support.
    18.I just love it's open world aspect. It's easily one of the best open world games I have ever played.
    19.The ability to assign various weapons, spells and shields to the D-Pad
    20.The freakin' battle system. It is just soooo much fun!!!
    21.How certain powerful items like Elixirs and Megalixirs are much easier to obtain than in previous entries.
    22.There are loads of sidequests.
    23.The graphics are just unbelievable.
    24.The pre-battle challenges that let you net extra AP. They're a nice little extra thats pretty helpful.
    25.The return of battle machinery like Edgar's Tools in FF6.
    26.Being able to collect and farm ingredients for Ignis's recipes.
    27.I love how each character has a special skill:Fishing, Survival, Dishes and Photos and how they level up.
    28.The techniques you can assign to your party.
    29.I just have to mention the Enhancement Technique that allows Ignis to imbue Noctis's weapon with the element that the enemy is weakest to.
    30.The option to turn on or off the Stamina meter.
    31.Being able to equip up to three Accessories to each character. More than any other FF game.
    32.How when you're driving and you open up the map, you can still see your character driving in a smaller screen on the map screen.
    33.The new Chocobo theme. Love those flutes!!!
    34.Chocobo drifting…Just awesome!!!
    35.How the game gives you more experience the better you do in battle.
    36.That the game rates your battles!!!
    37.Chocobos can now level up AND learn new techniques.
    38.Warp Strikes… They are so much fun and quite devastating!!!
    39.All the truly magnificent weather effects.
    40.Tipsters:Just great people, just great people.
    41.Two words:The Armiger
    42.The Regalia has a shop.
    43.The ability to block and parry certain attacks.
    44.Much like classic games like Castlevania 2 and Ocarina of Time:Stronger monsters come out at night.
    45.Chocobo races, they are a lot of fun.
    46.The incredibly badass summons.
    47.The co-op DLC coming out soon.
    48.The individual main party member sidequests.
    49.The fact that you can choose dialogue options for certain convos. Its not like Bioware deep but it is a nice touch.
    50.The Chocobo whistle
    51.The nice mix of fantasy and technology presented in this game.
    52.There are plenty of fun dungeons to explore.
    53.How Ignis will come up with different recipes throughout the game.
    54.Having the choice to either equip or store magic spells.
    55.How painless and quick it is to use items in battle.
    56.Being able to upgrade weapons via Cid.
    57.I love the voice acting of the characters.
    58.That you have the option to manually drive the Regalia.
    59.The hunts can all be replayed.
    60.The enemies dont carry gil but instead carry items that can be sold. Adding to an already wonderful level of realism.
    61.The great character development.
    62.The sheer amount of stuff to do in this game.
    63.The way it shows Noct, Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus all doing different things, to pass the time while traveling in the Regalia… It just adds to the realism.
    64.That game makes you actually find the ingredients for each color.
    65.If you run out of gas in the Regalia, you must either push it or call a tow truck.
    66.The characters make various, specific comments about the world and situations around them.
    68.There's a jump button. I know it might not sound like much but it is nice to have. Especially since so many FF games (just like Zelda) lacked one.
    69.Some of the objects in the environments are destructible.
    70.The epic cutscenes like Noctis's nightmare at the end of chapter 5.
    71.The characters, love em!!!
    72.You have the ability to change views in the Regalia.
    73.While driving the Regalia, you can look around as you cruise the amazing world and if you see something you like, stop and do whatever. Then hop back in and continue cruising.
    74.The fun pinball-esque mini-game
    75.Auto-Save feature

  6. I'm sorry I was going to subscribe to your channel but I decided not to because you talk so much shit. I can come up with a ton of counterpoints to your whole stupid review. you didn't mention the DLC, you didn't mention the amazing soundtrack….

  7. "They implemented the crotch of the potions and revival items because they knew the camera was awful and the combat system didn't worked"… No, more like they knew your ass was BAD at video games and people not used to action – combo combat systems was going to suck in the game. That's why. And this "crotch" can be seen in Witcher 3, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, etc.
    It's not a failure, it's a fucking common ground for action rpg's, you dumb fuck.

  8. Fair review I think. The only thing I disagree with is that I loved the combat. Honestly, Phil wasn't too good at it so he complained a lot, but the combat was the most redeeming quality in my opinion. Other than that, pretty spot on review Phil. The camera did suck at times and the story felt rushed at the end. If they had gotten a little bit more time, I feel this could have been a true masterpiece. I gave it an 8.5/10 just because I really enjoyed the combat.

  9. Having beat the game twice now I have to agree 100% with this review. I loved this game but the endless fetch quests, the lack of difficulty, and the fact we had to watch Kingsglaive AND Brotherhood to get the back story was ridiculous. Now once I actually got all the story and pieced it together I was blown away by it; I mean Ardyn was a master manipulator and (surprisingly) won in the end but having to get the story from 2 videos, the game, and then searching the internet to confirm I'm understanding the story was extremely annoying and not something I should have to do with a Final Fantasy game. Bloodborne doing that was fine, i enjoyed spending time learning the lore but FF is supposed to be a stand alone project NOT a multimedia one.


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