The Wunderbar WYSYWYG Front-End Editor


Wunderbar is a WYSIWYG front-end editor for virtually any WordPress site and theme. Wunderbar puts full-featured visual editing on every page. You make your changes right on the page itself – not from the back end admin – so you can see exactly what your fonts, colors, styles, links, tables, and images will look like. No guessing, no wasted time.

Our formatting toolbar looks and works like a familiar word processor, making editing intuitive and fast. Drag and drop images or files, create hyperlinks, and more. Wherever the Wunderbar cursor appears – posts, pages, content, titles, excerpts – you can edit it quickly and with unlimited undo in case you make an error. Wunderbar will change the way you think about editing in WordPress!


  • Change your content as you navigate your site
  • 100% in-context WYSIWYG for
  • Compatible with virtually any theme
  • Edit both posts and pages
  • Edit contents, and most excerpts and titles
  • Full support for fonts, styling, tables, hyperlinks, media & more
  • Drag and drop images and files directly onto your page
  • Undo current edits or revert to previous versions
  • No Setup required – works immediately upon installation
  • Doesn’t require modifying themes in any way
  • Content remains editable through existing back end admin
  • Source code editing available


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