Things to Do In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered – Michael Myers

A Simple Click Really Helps

Matt shows the gang how to play Michael Meyers in Modern Warfare Remastered, where one player has ten minutes to hunt the others down with a knife. ||| Join FIRST for exclusive AH content: ||| Get yer AH merch:

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  1. (High comment alert)

    Geoff with that voice and acting like a high school virgin was fucking funny af whole time I'm not trying to laugh then he pushed it and I fucking bursted out laughing saying "stfu geoff"😂😂

  2. Matt definitely fucked up the instructions and Gavin was alright but of course he's always the one to blame. Kind of douche move to just gun him down and call him a moron Matt, just sayin. Usually Gavin is to blame but this time he was in the clear…

  3. The consistent groaning noises is probably the most annoying thing i have ever had to listen to. Good video though, brings back memories of playing this back in grade 6 every day after school :D

  4. First three minutes of this video me: For fuck sake Geoff these are the most simple fucking rules ever for fuck sake how don't you understand this!

    21 seconds later: OH MY FUCKING GOD GAVIN!


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