This Mini PC Can Game at 4K

A Simple Click Really Helps

Is a Tiny Gaming PC Worth It?
A 4K gaming PC that’s smaller than a PS4: the ZOTAC EN1070.
ZOTAC Magnus EN1070 on Amazon:




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  1. Ive been gaming in 4k for a few months now and honestly YES! It IS worth it IMHO. Star Wars Battlefront has been one of the most amazing looking but every game Ive thrown at it just looks amazing in 4K. A friend of mine whom I built his PC says mine ruins his gaming experience because its hard to go back to his 1080p system… But thats just me. Its pricey to get 4K still but if you can make it then dont hesitate.

  2. Hey Austin, i'm looking for a new pc. I am a mechancial designer and use programs like SolidWorks and Autodesk a lot. Which are the specs I need? Would love to see a video from you were you talk about other pc's than for gaming! Thanks!!

  3. Hey guys I just started a YouTube channel that I've been trying to work hard on. If you guys can please check it out and give me feedback I would be very thankful. I will be trying to upload 3 videos this week and next week. Thank you

  4. I kinda miss the old videos from him. After he moved into… whatever the studio or something is, and has many people with him, it feels completely different :/

  5. I'll never figure out why manufacturers still ship driver cds. Most customers get the most up to date drivers from the webs and just chuck the cd. I would actually pay a $10 premium for them to ship those driver usb sticks, since I havent installed a dvd drive since 2008.


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