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New Kodi website calls for new massive Kodi add-on. Watch free live tv, movies, imax films, 3D movies, cartoons, documentaries and much more.

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  1. You may think it's easier to copy and paste a link, but you are incorrectly pre-supposing how your viewers are accessing your content. Most of the time I'm watching on a smart tv and in order to get to your "EASIER" link, I have to stop, go pull up youtube and search for your video on a completely different device just to find the stupid link! So NOT easier!! Why don't you just include the info in the video and add a link that can be copied and imagine that your viewers are smart enough to figure which is easier for themselves?!

  2. I was wondering which video add-on has the fastest updates for a new movie videos prior to coming out and after they come out? because I found a bill that actually does fairly well I have the updated Kodi Krypton 17.1 back with a CCW 17 build encrypted with a VPN

  3. seems great right up to the last few steps you just fly, I cant seem to upload this app and in=m trying and trying I already have fusion what am i missing?

  4. I love my Cody I want you to watch Blackhawks games and movies that I've seen The Flying Nun in there I just cannot find your link up for to install this area this spring you one so can you write down the list somewhere because I can't find it

  5. Loved this video and really love this add on. I've following you for about 2 years and have learned su. You just tell it like is and I like that. Is there anyway to donate to you directly? My wife sits and watches the videos with me, and she even said tonight we need to send him some money. Just let me know if there is a way can and we do it. Have a good day, and can't wait for your next video.

  6. hi. how do I add a tv show (eg: big bag theory) as a widget? I DONT want to have a video addon as a widget.
    I want to add my personal favorite tv shows as individual widgets.


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