Tired of Rejection? Promote Acceptance!

Rejection can drill you down, nick you with a thousand paper cuts, make you cry uncle, and hide under the sheets.

How come?

Most of us have been programmed by family, friends, teachers, and bosses to crave approval and when it is not forthcoming, or we're zapped by the thunderbolts of disapproval we turn tail and run.

But it does not have to be this way.

I'm not going to tell you to toughen up, to eat rejection for breakfast or to count the "no's" you receive on the inevitable path to the glorious yeses.

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I'm going to entreat you to deal with reject the only right and proper way.


Just as we can not shrink our way to increasing prosperity by cutting expenses-sooner or later we'll have to bake larger pies to enjoy better meals-we are not going to sell more by getting more rejections.

For one thing, there is a natural limit to our prospecting databases.

Example: I conduct seminars at a number of universities, for fun and extremely, for profit. When people see and like my "act" at an extension program, they bring me into their companies and buy my audio and video seminars.

But how many universities are there in my part of the galaxy? And of those, how many are poised to present my programs and me?

Not that many, which means I can not simply use the worst sales approach in the world and count on an unlimited supply of prospects, a few of whom will say yes, to bail me out.

I have to promote a greater proportion of acceptances. In a word, I have to become a BETTER seller. That requires study, innovation, correcting errors, and a more refined approach.

It also means if we want to improve we need feedback. Sadly, prospects do not want to waste their time providing it. Certainly those that have offered offers can not be bothered. They're probably in hiding anyway, ducking our calls.

We need coaching, first-hand, quality feedback and tips that will help us to improve our closing ratios.

If you're interested in getting the best sales coaching in the universe, contact the author.

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