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Hey pilots this is a follow up from my original video here, where we ran into a hacker on PC :

We managed to put in some hard work and pull through in first place. Hope you pilots enjoyed the amped DMR gameplay and I highly recommend all sniper rifles in Titanfall 2 if you’re wanting to level up as fast as possible.

A lot more Titanfall 2 content coming soon! Ghost Recon releases tomorrow so we’ll have a few videos on the way.



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  1. I've ran into my first hacker today, during free trial, and all they did was jump around the map holding M1 without aiming killing everyone and had wall hacks, so they could insta find people, and for while they were in Titan, I asked them why do it, they just said to "test the gun out, & it sucks with titans"…. I don't get why play then. Just ruin it for others because they don't like it. What a sad little man…

  2. Would you say this game has an active player base on PC? How many current players does it have? It is easy to get into a match? That's the only thing holding me back from buying it on Origin right now!

  3. And btw no offense your not too good at ronin so I'm just going to give you some tips 1: ronin is very weak to rodeoing so when a pilot is when you hear the beep about a second later phase dash so you take no damage 2: your arc wave is like an arc grenade so you can use it on pilots to stun them and get a melee kill 3: when fighting ions,legions,and ronins what I do is hold sword block until they reload 🙂

  4. Hey bounty I just got my alternator at gen 10 now I'm trying to get the L-STAR( I have that at gen 5) however I'm trying to get my ronin gen 10(he's at gen 4) and currently I'm at gen 7 🙂

  5. The archer anti titan weapon can kill pilots rodeoing enemy titans fairly easy, I've played games where I lock onto a pilot sentry and there's a pilot next to it, I've killed the sentry and pilot in one shot

  6. The one I've had was using a tone:
    I was rodeoing him, he was aiming at someone else, we were nowhere near any walls so it wasn't a splash damage kill. He managed to kill me on his back whilst firing at someone else. 90% sure he was hacking. Although he didn't get too high a score so he might have been trying to do it discretely?


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