Titanfall 2: PC vs PS4/Xbox One Graphics Comparison

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Resolution and shadow quality divide these three versions of Titanfall 2. PS4 and Xbox One rely on a lower preset for shadows – causing blurrier shade outlines – while a dynamic resolution is deployed on both. Neither matches up to PC’s crisp image at 1080p here, but all other visual settings are extremely close to PC’s best.

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  1. Looks better on the PC, but the brightness/gamma is set too high…makes it look washed out. Tweaking the GPU's color settings would remove this at make it look much much better

  2. the game developers always made a mistake, which is in real life the shadow could not be so sharp from such a long distance, the softer shadow is actually more realistic.

  3. The most important thing is the overall experience, which is good in all of them, so we should consider more stuffs that the game can offer like Multiplayer.
    On pcs you'll have a lot of cheaters, on PSN you'll see too many lags/pings…xboxlive is the best choice for those who are looking for good balance in performance and MP (dedicated servers, party chat etc)

  4. For some reason, I don't see much difference between PS4 and Xbox One version. The PC one is tad sharper. Maybe YT compression? How about providing a link for source video to download?


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