Top 5 Gaming Life Hacks

A Simple Click Really Helps

It’s been quite a while since I have made a top 5 video… What better way to rejoice it then with Top 5 Gaming life hacks!

To record my Xbox screen I used elgato HD60

Please watch: “SURVIVING IS HARD | Subnautica #2”



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  1. NLoops, I (Cole) think you do a great job editing and making your videos! However, I don't think the way to get to 100 subs is to get shoutouts from bigger channels. I think you should do a lot of research on how to rank your videos. In other words, what types of titles, tags, descriptions, etc. you have great content, just have to get it out there! Also, what really helped us at the start of our channel was having the support of our friends/family. Ask them to simply click on a video and give it a like. The support of friends/fam goes a long way! Hope this comment helps you build your channel! Love the good work 🙂


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