Top 5 ULTRAWIDE Monitors | Late 2016

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What’s the best Ultrawide monitor you can buy? I countdown my Top 5 21:9 monitors from Acer, Asus, Dell and LG for late 2016 to find out which is the Ultimate Ultrawide!
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  1. Don't you get black bars left and right while playing games and such? I like UltraWide when it comes to editing and such but I would get annoyed with the bars.

  2. Ultrawides are ridiculously expensive. Do you think they will start to come down in price in 2017? I really want a 1440p monitor but 600-700 is far too much. My graphics card cost that

  3. I liked the video but there are two small mistakes, the LG 29UM68-P actually has a 75Hz refresh rate, and in the description the link for the LG 29UM68-P is tagged incorrectly and instead says LG 29UM98.

  4. so, I hate to be the jerk here, but the asus doesn't have the better resolution than the predator….because they're the exact same panel, made by the same company.

    the only differences between the 2 is the Rog can swivel and the Acer can't, the button placement is different, and the Acer comes with a gamma calibration, but the asus doesn't. which actually makes the acer the better display of you don't have your own calibration tools.

  5. I was thinking of getting a new computer and maybe an Apple this time, so I started exploring things at my local Best Buy and online. I was shocked to see the resolution of the new 4K TVs in the store. With my glasses on, I could get right up face-plant-on a 40" or 50" TV and STILL I could BARELY see the pixels! At the typical 2' viewing distance, THERE ARE NO PIXELS! WoW! I was looking at a Samsung and a Vizio and they were incredible. Bright, amazing resolution and fantastic color depth.

    I presently run two 21" monitors on my PC which is of course much better than my previous single 21" monitor. But now I'm thinking 'why should I get anything less than a 50" or even 55" TV for a monitor!? That would give me ACRES of screen! I could be a LAND OWNER and at only $550, the acreage is dirt cheap! 🙂 I don't see a reason, do you? Seems like a 55" TV would blow away even an ultra wide monitor. I don't know all of the alphabet soup of acronyms. Well, I know them but don't have a lot of depth on them but why shouldn't I just believe my own lying eyes and get a Samsung 55" for example and own some serious real estate?

  6. ex 16:9 user here. i've used both 1x 16:9 and 3x 16:9. with the single 16:9 i feel alot of things missing, and 3x 16:9 is too wide and human eyes fov limits its benefit. plus the bezels is a huge distraction. for people who sits 2' to 3' away from screen, 29" flat is perfect. higher than that you should consider getting curved screen so the display stays in your eyes's immediate fov range. take note 29" 21:9's height is same as 16:9's 23" so no ppi loss if you're upgrading from 23" 16:9 to 29" 21:9 (both 1080p). the extra 640×1080 is worth it.

  7. any chance you could tell what the height of the asus is?.. I mean only the monitor not the stand included.. All sites that sell it only provide the total height..

  8. Question…..Would the LG 29UM98 be good for photography and video editing work? I'm mostly concerned with color accuracy. I'm running a MacBook pro, so I just want an external monitor.

  9. great vid, what are your thoughts about the LG 38UC99-W? Also another thing, I want to replace 2 of my 1080p monitors, should I go for 4K or an ultrawide? I'll definitely game on it a few times a week but my main purpose is to program, with a browser next to my code editor.

  10. Im a gamer and i recently just bought the AOC C3583FQ.. but im starting to questioning my purschase. I am currently running with nividia card 1080 gigabyte xtreme gaming… and im thinking of buying the asus PG348Q, or should i wait for the acer predator x34p since we are already into 2017 now? or when will it be released? they said late 2016 but it's still not here.. any thoughts?


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