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The top apps for iPhone are utilities that you, as an iPhone user, can’t live without. Here are four of the most useful apps available for the iPhone that will open up all of its potential.

EverNote: If you lack the memory of an elephant that never forgets, EverNote should be something you should get immediately; right now before you forget. This app turns your iPhone into a digital archive that can house and sort all of your media including pictures, written notes, video, and sound files. You can then search the database for anything you are looking for from either your iPhone or computer. One of the reasons this is one of the top apps for iPhone is all of this great functionality comes for free. But wait, there’s more. EverNote has character recognition for the photos you take, so that signs and posters you have your pictures taken next to can be easily searched without having to manually name the files yourself.

Gorillacam: This great app is a perfect companion to your iPhone’s camera. It has many features that other separate apps contain. Using this app will save storage space for better apps or for more pictures. Gorillacam has several features including timer, on-screen grid, spirit-level, multi-shot, and ‘press anywhere’ capture. This will greatly enhance the quality of the pictures you take. No more of those off level pictures when you weren’t trying to shoot in “Dutch Framing”.

Wikipanion: This is the best app for people with the got to know attitude. Although wikipedia is completely accessible through the iPhone’s browser, it is easier to navigate with this app and allows for a simpler browsing experience. It’s absolutely free (it’s a wiki of course it’s free, that’s what wiki means; wiki that fact why don’t ya’) and completely add free. Get the fast facts on just about anything worth knowing in the world, for any knowledge seeker this is definitely one of the top apps for iPhone. This app even lets you tweet what ever erroneous fact you’ve dug up from its pages to wow your friends.

Facebook: Do I really need to say more? Fine. The newer version of the Facebook app is much easier to navigate than its predecessor. This is an essential app for anyone who wants to stay completely hooked in to their social networking. Get alerts and respond to comments anytime of day or night. This, without a doubt, is one of the top apps for iPhone available today.

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