Top KODI Addons for FEB 2017!! – Works on any version

Top KODI Addons for FEB 2017

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Top KODI Addons for FEB 2017!! – Works on any version

Yes here we are, I think this may be a thing of the future, I know you love my build reviews but I also know you are more interested in the Top KODI Addons too. So here they are, they all come from the Echo Wizard, which if you haven’t checked it out already its dam amazing, has so much inside the wizard its unreal. From builds, to optimisation of your specific device to the fantastic add-on installer.

Top KODI Addons

Excalibur – StreamScene – 4K Media – The Pyramid – Project D

All of these adorns will provide you with so much content its unreal, I have tried to cover everything here, from 4K Media to sports on demand, live TV and movies, also thrown in for good measure a fantastic add-on dedicated for the kids, so only kids movies on their no adult stuff.

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