Top Kodi Build 2016 like Amazon Fire TV Stick (Best Kodi Build 2016)

A Simple Click Really Helps

How To Install the Best Kodi Build 2016 !
Looks and works like the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV !
This awesome build moved to my Top Kodi Build list because it is Fast, Easy to Use and very familiar!

In this video review, I show you all of the sections and features this Kodi Build has to offer. It looks fantastic and if you can navigate the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV home screen, then you can navigate this Kodi Build ! It has a ton of the Best Kodi Addons already included so you don’t need to install them yourself. This build has a lot of active widgets so it can be overload for the low resources on Amazon Fire TV Stick (keep that in mind when considering installing this).

I show you Step by Step How To Install this Kodi Build in real-time !

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**UPDATE: This build has been moved into Megatron under Jed’s Fire Builds**

Credit: All credit for this amazing fire tv build goes to Jed (Jason)! Great work as always!

How To Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick:

Best Kodi Build 2016:


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  1. When mine opened on my Amazon Firestick after the install , I get a screen that shows 9 links. They are Eminence, Xenon, Amazon Unchained, Project Zenith, Kids Zone, Gears IPTV (paid), Android Apps, Enable OpenLoad and Maintenance.

    I went through the directions exactly as you were showing it. Now I am confused… Is there a difference between installing on a FireStick and a computer? Also, can you get live TV stations with this build.. My boyfriend installed another build and I just couldn't figure out how to get live TV channels especially TLC.. I appreciate all the help..

  2. Hello, let me first say enjoy all your videos. But I'm having problems with Ares it didn't download all the files or something and I can't access it. Is there a way to uninstall it and reinstall if so please let me know thank you

  3. hello again been looking to see when you will have to update this build but cannot find were it would tell me if I need to update it. do you know how I would know when to do it thanks.

  4. Mchanga, do you think if there was a way to install the above video by it self it would be ok to install on fire stick size wise. The reason i ask this is because of the label below the video. [ amazon fire stick ] With Megatron i don 't see a way to make your selection before installing the video I settled for"The Lyt Build"" in Areswizard. Buy the way I love your teaching method. Keep up the great work, Maybe it will rub off to some the other tech

  5. i was excited when i saw that it was available again so i immedietly went to try and install this build. i downloaded ares again (i had switched to a dofferent build) and installed the megatron build. then when i went intp ot to change to the firestick one its not listed. it lists diggz kids, megatron, eminence, and xenon. did i do something wrong?

  6. Hi Mchanga, your builds are awesome but unfortunately my laptop is not up to the task. It continually froze on the menu bar with all the genres. I'm running Win 7— i7 2.9— along with 8gb ram and HD4000 graphics. Installation was flawless, no issues. Graphics, drivers, something in settings possibly. Maybe I should start with a basic build. Unsure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  7. Mchanga megatron installs 5 add ons ,way to much for me. How can i just install the 1 add on ? Thank you again PS those 5 options are 2 eminance, 2 xenon, 1 diggs build wizard. None look like the above. Sorry for all the need.

  8. Hey guys, sorry I removed the build as a seperate build, but it is still available. This build is now found in the Megatron build under Jeds fire builds. The Megatron build includes this build and 5 more builds all in one, you can choose to use this build at the build selection screen in Megatron.

  9. Good Morning Mchanga,  I just log into my build and it advised me to up date the build.  I selected yes and everything is working great.  With that being said is it back so I can down load it on my other fire stick.

  10. Hello again I started reading the comments notice you wrote is out I going to install the other you recommend in other video Athena Fire. I want to thanks for your effort to help us you doing great job. Thanks again just to let you know I subscribe to your page…

  11. Hello Mchanga looks like they remove from ares wizard that build because I was so excited to installed and is no longer in Jeds Fire Builds. Do you know if they move it to other area

  12. Ive been watching your postings and I appreciate all of your input and best options out there. Im pretty new to this whole thing and just got my firestick. I dont have any builds, just downloaded exodus. I really like this build, but i dont know how to remove kodi and do a fresh start. When i skip that step I dont get the amazon unchained option. am i doing something wrong?


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