Touch Screen Mobile Phones – Good Or Bad?

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Over the last few years, touch screen phones are becoming much more popular on the mobile phone market. Companies are finding any way they can slip in a bit of this recent technology into their designs to make it more appealing to the buyers, with most phones on the market having this feature incorporated somewhere. Everyone seems to be bring out a touch screen phone, with everything from the Apple iPhone to the LG Cookie available for you and me to buy. These are all phones that are said to have the best touch screens going, but are they really worth it?

There are not many bad things to say about buying a touch screen phone. They are becoming so popular and seem to have every feature and more that a regular phone does. A few of the things that people complain about is with phones becoming smaller and thinner, the screen is not big enough to work effectively. Therefore, it can be difficult to type with such small buttons. Smaller screens can mean that people with larger fingers have more difficulty when using them, pressing the wrong buttons and such.

In these recessionary times, the price of a touch-screen phone can also be a put off. Some people have said that a touch-screen phone can be a novelty that wears thin if your main purpose of a phone is to call and text other people.

One of the other bad things that can be said about touch screen phones is that they can look messy. All those dirty finger prints and marks all over the screen can not be good. Most phones though do come with some sort of wipe for the screen and are designed to eliminate the number of finger prints left on the screen after you use it. You can also purchase screen protectors, which are easy to use and easy to clean.

The last thing that people can complain about when using a touch screen phone is accidentally using it. If the lock on a phone and just like any other regular phone is not on then is very easy as we all know to make a call or send a text accidentally. The last thing you want is to reach in your pocket for your money, press a few buttons on your touch screen accidentally and make a call to someone, wasting your credit and money. Of course this problem can be easily solved by just making sure and double checking your phone is locked after you use it.

So overall, there are some negative elements about touch screen phones to be considered. However, there are many more other good things to say about them. After all, they can be more attractive and in some cases easier to use, more fun and so on than when compared to a normal phone.

If you are quite uncertain about the choice that you want to make, checking out the mobile phones that your friends have could be worthwhile for a test drive. Alternatively, many mobile phone stores are more than happy to demonstrate handsets to customers who are having trouble making their mind up.

Source by Carlson Osbourne


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