Touch Screen Monitor – latest tapping technology!

A Simple Click Really Helps

It’s fascinating to see, something come alive on being touched with a finger! The touch screen monitor is truly a device that has tapped the curiosity of adults and young children alike. It’s almost like bringing a statue or picture to life. Technology can be so advanced and yet become a part of everyday life! Globally, touch screen monitors have become common in public places. One can easily see them at work in ATMs, display panels in shopping malls, railway kiosks, airport lounges. Just a finger is used to remove money, jab the screen to get a cup of coffee or a can of Pepsi. It works easily and even a techno-illiterate is able to glide through without a glitch. Those using ipods and iphones, swear by the easy navigation of the touch screen monitor.

What’s the magic behind the screen? How does it work? Most of all are they worth the investment? Will a touch screen apple cell phone be better to use? Or is a normal one better for interacting and communicating? Not all technology is for regular consumption. But touch screen can be useful if applied in the right places. It is interesting to note some stores have an option of allowing a consumer to put a signature with an index finger on being given a receipt. They can also create festive cards, Christmas greetings and write their own personal thoughts. Cool stuff! All with the help of the touch screen. It’s amusing to use and reuse and yet leave it behind and not carry it home. Would be nice if it helped with the kid’s projects too!

There are essentially two types of touch screen monitors. It comes with add on system or it has a built in system. They are both affordable. Since more consumers are looking for easy navigation, these touch screen monitors are preferred. As an add on device, one can do away with the mouse. No click, only touch. It can be easily installed with software guide. A touch screen is an additional part of the hardware. It is installed on the monitor. It is a thin piece of clear lamination which is put on the monitor. It is wired to the existing monitor. It is then plugged as an accessory to the entire computer system before it can function normally. There are drivers that enable the computer to recognise signals efficiently.

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