Tracing The History of Pandora Jewelry

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Women from all parts of the globe are going gaga over something. Nope, it’s not the latest gadget nor is it the latest song. Its name commands attention from people from all levels of the society and had the likes of Jennifer Gardner going crazy over it. Not only does it serve to make a woman more fashionable, it also allows them to show their individuality while providing a way for them to keep precious memories close to their hearts. It allows the wearer to change the designs as often as her mood changes. The name? Pandora jewelries.

Pandora jewelries first opened its door to the public in 1982 in Copenhagen but it was in 1999 when they started tapping the market for customizable jewelries. Pandora was the brainchild of Per and Winnie Enevoldsen. They were able to develop the customizable line of jewelries with the help of designers Lone Frandsen and Lisbeth Larsen.

What makes the Pandora jewelry quite unique is its patented threading system that allows for charms to be placed, added and re-arranged by the wearer very easily. Their more than 800 charms come in a variety of forms such as 14k gold, sterling silver and murano glass. These often hold a semi-precious or precious stone. Designs could range from simple birthstones to complex animal charms and love symbols.

But the Pandora jewelry is not just about necklaces and bracelets. Pandora also offers customizable earrings as well as rings known as LovePods. These LovePods are stackable rings that have unique designs. Customers can combine the rings to come up with their own design. It is made up of 18k gold and holds various gemstones such as diamonds, amethyst, peridot, quartz, topaz and citrine.

Today, Pandora jewelry charms commands buyers from over 20 countries and employs more than a thousand individuals worldwide. It is also famous for donating some of their proceeds from charms sales to various charities like Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the Institute for OneWorld Health.

The company that started with a two-man team at its helm has simply come a long way.

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