Truth Vs Hype : Inside The Bhopal Jailbreak And Encounter

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At first it seemed like a case of police victory: 8 men, members of the banned outfit SIMI break out of a heavily guarded jail in Bhopal. But then, barely a few hours later, they are killed in an encounter. But a trove of material has blown holes in the official version of the jailbreak and the encounter. With exclusive interviews, eyewitness accounts and police records, we have pieced together a detailed account of one of the most controversial episode of recent times.

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  1. Why some of the people are making coments on reporters, they are trying to put the fact before the public, if you like it or not that is left to yu…but try to understand the injustice happening to the non-hindus? it is not fair, ok the under trails are yet to be proved that they are guilty in the course of law? whom are the police to kill them in the name of encounter? they are just 8 people cant the jail authorities catch them alive?…India is a great country where "Kasab" was given opportunity to defend himself as an innocent…finally he failed, the truth came out then he punished….if we keep on killing of someone without observing rule of law, the followers of those again will become radicals..

  2. WHy does not the NDTV ask the Military if they can scale a 25 foot wall with a team of 8 people. If they can scale then I think a normal guy can scale and provide this. Lets put it to test for a well trained people who are trained in scaling walls. Military or Police training or security teams are usually trained. So they should be asked to replicate..

  3. bhopal ki jail ke gate ke tale itne kamjur hain ke tooth burse se khool jate hai…????bhopal jail mein cctv camera aur control room ki itni laparvahi hai ke 8 atangvadi ke bhagne ki koi vedio recording nahi aur sab guard raat mein sote rahte hai ke koi bhi jail se bhaag jaye jail ki diwar chad ke..????kya bhopal jail ke intezamiya itni laparwahi hai ya ye encounter ki planning pehle se fix thi…????

  4. As usual according to names in the comment section, Hindus seems to be turning blind eye over the truth… They are happy to impose hindutava mindset in the country and fuck the democracy… But sorry it will not happen, ur irresistible dream will be shoved in your asses 

  5. shame on this news … One Policeman has been killed , the other police man is still in a shock . And these news people are showing terrorists as if they are heroes. Please go through the 2014 videos where these terrorists are threatening our Prime minister, do you need more proof than that .!!

  6. REAL BASTARD!!! This is why NDTV should be banned! if these SIMI terrorist would have killed BARKHA, RAVISH, or any other NDTV Anchor to boss ye log police and Govt. sab ki baja dete, but Head constable inka relative nahi tha and above all wo Hindu tha, why would they will bother.. Congress ke bhokne wale kutte hai sale, and this Digvijay singh is BIg Kutta!!!!

  7. It is for THESE reasons that NDTV has been banned. Either you deliberately do this or are too stupid to even see your mistakes. YEAH GIVE THEM THE BLUEPRINT OF THE JAIL so the next time if something like this happens "poor terrorists" won't have to suffer in PLANNING a JAIL BREAK. Same thing was done during 2008 Mumbai attacks, A FUCKIN LIVE COVERAGE OF POLICE AND ARMY POSITIONS. If someone has misused the Article 19 after the politicians it is journalists like you.


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