TV Broadband and Live Internet TV – Emerging Internet Market for the Next Decade

Many networks service providers and cable channels are researching with the various medium of television viewing on the Internet. TV broadband as deployed by these networks is now a TV streaming pleasure.

This is now a notion that precludes the uninterrupted viewing on television on the Net with your PC, with a broad bandwidth compare to the narrow bandwidth. This assume that television programmers can go ahead and do programming with less consideration for the narrow bandwidth.

The TV broadband makes it possible these network and satellite service providers to deploy real television experiences on the Internet even live broadcasts. This also includes running clips of their shows and programs on sites such as YouTube, offering streaming video of programs on their own Web sites, and buying up producers of Internet-only programming.

Many are into this venture to further know and be well informed about their customers and fans of their popular shows. The Internet is a good medium to test directly the nature and feel of your market. You get direct response from blog in any data format you put out there.

To figure and analyze your customers comprehensively all you have to do is to put the content out there and test the consumer experience, gather their responses and with some data mining, seek and look out for the trend to be able to align to possible emerging market.

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The Internet is a two-way medium and has the advantage over the conventional satellite programming broadcast and cable TV. This gives a lot of room for producers of programming to feel the viewers, get comments and responses directly before, during and after transmission of a popular show.

The advent of Internet also gave rise to Tele texts with SMS facility which is one of many ways television stations and satellite programming service marketers and agents generate revenue.

With many of the Digital Broadcasting Service (DBS) providers having pool of websites for their many channels and stations, this has further increase the patronage of Internet television viewing. There are thousands of these sites on the Net now offering television streaming with live show even some with Hi-Def quality.

This is to further stress that Internet television has come to stay and complacently complimenting the market of the DBS and other satellite with network providers.

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