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Recently a company called Brightcove is deploying a device that allows viewers to watch Internet downloads on their full-screen TV sets and upload their own homemade programs to share with other viewers. With this arrangement on the other side of the screen, the Internet enables advertisers to bypass the Nielsen ratings and get detailed, real-time information about viewing habits. This gives Brightcove an added advantage in monitoring real-time her customer profiling and detailing.

This will give Brightcove a better target advertising market to deliver commercials custom-tailored to viewers’ interests. Even though for mass audience targeted advertising which is better directed and to be distributed to high-budget mass audiences programs, the Internet makes it possible to profitably reach smaller audiences with niche programming.

This further bonds the customer faster to the service provider because of the two -way communication. For instance some TV producers are already offering their programs directly to their niche market of Apple’s iTunes Music Store and a few similar services where paying customers for paid for the downloads. Television viewers and fans can now pay to download their favorite shows. The patronage is growing faster with Apple’s iTunes Music Store attesting to this in their last debut of 3G hybrid ipods.

The producers on the other hand will be able to use this additional revenue to finance new episodes. This has ensures the continuity and prolongation of many TV shows and series, most of the TV shows and series often find their ways into top stories in Yahoo due to their teeming Internet fans that wants to have the first inkling or alternate ending of the thriller or suspense.

With the television user now been able to skip adverts on the conventional TV with the growing popularity of Digital Video Recorders, many may be force to seek the Internet alternative which has better target and niche advertising marketing platform than the conventional TV.

Both advertising agencies worldwide and cable providers are really worried with this development that is enabling many viewers to skip over commercials, which upsets and scares the heck out of the networks.

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