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Twitter – Lets get hacked

Twitter is a fantastic platform to send 140 Characters of advice, help, crap and pictures of what you are eating, but as you are well aware  the best place to get immediate responses from developers reference anything in the KODI community. You can get near instant responses, I personally love it and have been on Twitter for a few years under a few different accounts that I still run and tweet on to this day. Now my @Cssc0der account, the name I have given to myself on all my social accounts got hacked. I went to log on one day and it was asking me to enter my password – this was the first warning sign and should be yours too! Yes I even had phone verification if my account was accessed from a new browser or device. But my account was still inaccessible and the handle @cssc0der was now available, no emails, no notifications nothing. So I had to re-create a new account under my old name, new emails, new password, new 2 step verification etc – but things still were not right as you can see below.

As you  can see from this first image, this is me logged in from my new account with new password, yet I head to my profile page and my account is showing as his still  – It looks like I am able to edit the profile, I can but then reverts  back to  his / hers as default. Twitter As you can see in this image below, I am on my profile but it shows all information regarding this D&*K! I still am not able to edit the profile. Twitter

Even when I am on my new account and a tweet is sending its showing his /her profile name, but when it Tweets it will come up as the “new” @cssc0der profile.Twitter

Now as you can see below, my new account was still playing up, heading on my profile sometime showed the D^*K’s account or sometimes it showed mine, but gave me the option of a follow button, but randomly if I were to click on follow (no idea what I thought this would do) it would give me the message saying I was blocked.Twitter

One of the most annoying parts about all of this is that all my media is gone, some images I posted were not saved personally, I have trawled through all his media on another one of my accounts and grabbed a few moments back, but seeing images like this one below which was MY room on MY honeymoon, yet look who posted it, yup, the D&^K!Twitter

Now to troll me even more we got in to a DM chat, he was playing me from start and acted dumb, yet his whole Twitter account is released to hacking, or his back up account that he calls it. This below is his screen shot from his phone, I stated that all those followers and the tweets you can see on this screen shot were mine, a few more dumb messages were swapped and then I was blocked – no surprise there to be honest. Twitter  So firstly I urge you all to stay away from this retard and double-check all of the security settings associated with your twitter account, I will add that my password was mix of number, lets and was 12 characters long, so to this day and probably for bit longer I wonder how he gained access to my account. I will also add that @Support (Twitter support) have been awful and will not help at all, because this idiot changed my email and username it never looks like I owned the account so they cannot verify that I even used to own it. A new start for @cssc0der it is.

How to ensure you have a secure password


How to change your Password


I would ensure that you at least carry out the link above and make your that the password you use for any account is secure, ensure you have special characters like +_)(*&^%$#@! as this then becomes much harder to crack.

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