Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 returns!

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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is being re-released for current generation systems; with the PlayStation®4 digital download version available today and the Xbox One® and Windows PC versions coming in March 2017!

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  1. I really enjoy very hard mode in fighting games butt instead of the AI in this game being exceptionally good they just Spam which turns it into a Spam match and that is so f**** boring

  2. It would also be nice but less likely for marvel & capcom to release X men: children of the atom too. But it won't happen because Disney-Marvel wants to kill off the Xmen until they get there rights back from Fox. It's a sacrifice worth take to get the X men back in the marvel cinematic universe.

  3. Bring back Marvel vs Capcom 2!! It's the that really started it all. Or sell all three games Marvel vs Capcom 1,2 & 3 collection in a physical copy & Disney will see how fast everyone will buy it.

  4. Creo que mas allá de todo es lo que la mayoría estábamos esperando, que alfin semejante juego salga para pc… Ya que muchos no contaban con el sistema ps3, no podíamos jugar este gran titulo… Y afortunadamente los que tienen ps4 ya le están sacando jugo al umvc3 remasterizado… Y los que no lo saben va a ser una gran sorpresa cuando vean esto tan genial. Yo lo vi pero esperare a comprarlo en la ps store!… Y luego para pc.

  5. Stay Tuned for sonic manía project sonic 2017 crash bandicoot remastared marvel vs capcom infinite and more (including parrapa the rapper remastared) because all those games are going in a trip to 2017 the year that the games that will be launched to the market

  6. Why don't they bring this game and its DLC back to the PS3 and Xbox 360 stores? Many of us couldn't get Jill and Shuma or the costumes in time, so it'd be great if they gave us a second chance


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