Unboxing MacBook Pro 2016 15″ with Touch Bar

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Unboxing the 2016 15″ MacBook Pro withTouch Bar

This isn’t a review – it’s just an unboxing. I don’t show it being used. It’s just taking it out of the box, what comes in the box, how it’s packaged, and some general thoughts. That’s what unboxing videos are all about. If you are looking for a review video – you should search for a video with the word “review” in the title.

The 15″ model doesn’t come without the touch bar.

There is no extension cord in the box. I will not be cutting into my box to find a secret cord, please don’t ask me to do this.
**If you believe the EverythingApplePro video then you’ve been had – that was a joke.**

Two other small things I noticed:
1) The power cable doesn’t have the “catch” to hold it to itself when wrapped up.
2) The power brick doesn’t have the fold out wings for wrapping the cabled around.



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  1. This new macbook is piece of shit !! BE careful !
    Even the SSD is fix connected on the mainboard , so if your SSD harddrive fails YOU NEED TO BUY A NEW MACBOOK !!!
    Also RAM and CPU are fix connected nothing can be changed. If anything malfunctions YOU NEED TO BUY A BRANDNEW MACBOOK PRO !!!

    This macbook is made for DONKEY CUSTOMERS with DONGLES and no brain

  2. Hey there
    The extension cable for the power brick should be inside the white base of the case. Try using a knife to open up the base and you can find the extension cable inside


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