*UPDATED* Gaming Setup 2016-2017

A Simple Click Really Helps

Happy Halloween bitches



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  1. I hit that like button since this video was quality. I also just did a setup tour man, and I am having a really hard time growing. I know it may be something to ask, but I would appreciate it so much if you could drop a minute out of your day to watch my latest video and subscribe if you liked my channel! thanks!

  2. Yo, Ive been looking for a gaming PC for about 5 months now and I still haven't found the right one. I have an old hp laptop that would get me about 20 fos on h1 but now I get like 5. Idk what happend to it but I just need a new gaming PC really bad and it would be awesome if u could help me out :)

  3. Nice setup mate, my friend is a YouTuber but his setup is so way crapper than yours and I really wanna help him so I was wondering if you could check his channel out and give him some feedback / constructive criticism so he gets better at YouTube. His channel is a team channel so there's other people who upload too but he's the owner and leader. Here's his gaming setup video https://youtu.be/EqCsuTIWwQY and here is one of his latest video https://www.goo.gl/DvRF0a also if you want here's a site where you can get really cheap games so you can make different types of YouTube videos https://goo.gl/zI8Tml


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