User Reviews – TheMooch78 @Mooch1978

User Reviews – TheMooch78 @Mooch1978

Mooch’s about: I’m here to Chew Bubble Gum and Inform the American & UK Public of the Bias Gaming Media. And I’m ALL OUT OF BUBBLE GUM! This channel will be about my opinion on how gaming is being dictated to you by the Gaming Media. And I will try to expose these outlets to the best of my abilities….and try to be funny about it all at the same time! So sit back, enjoy, & tell a friend that THE MOOCH is here to spoil the media’s agenda!

I want Mooch to understand that Xbox is trash and even his god Phil Spencer doesn’t like him. Bang Bang PS4 is way better.


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  1. LMFAO. I got to say one thing tho. This Blackbond loser "Social Reject" patented saying has got to go down the toilet. That term is as old as a Model T Ford. Anyone that supports that fake ass loser and uses that saying a lot IS A SOCIAL REJECT. I like you tho man. Much respect man. Dont be like BoringBond tho.

  2. I'm not sure about the worse than Crapgamer thing though, Crapgamer will straight up make shit up out of thin air like PS4pro having overheating issues and Xbox one "closing the gap" or "sales don't matter" then randomly they do when XB1 is ahead…
    Crapgamer is the Bill O'Reilly of gaming, just a pathological liar.

  3. Mooch hasn't blocked me, even when I Liked this one video from Fringy that had his Twitter handle in the Title of his video which was last year. Also, he RTed a pic. of my Xbox One when I bought it that I posted on Twitter back in Feb. Probably the hashtags "XboxOne" & "Xbox" Kinda creepy. Looks like now I'm gonna end up being blocked once I Like this video so I have little respect for Mooch if he doesn't block me. Other than that, he's a corporate slave.

  4. Get Shokio's Grandma on the Show to tell everyone Spaghetti i mean his Grandma remembers his first words were Damage Control.

    Shouts out to anyone on YT long enough who have watched those vids lol

  5. Nobody knows what he looks like? I never really thought of that. I always imagined a fred flinstone looking motherfucker. But I can try to find out what he looks like. it wouldn't be complicated to do so.


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