Vader Streams IPTV not just for KODI, its for pretty much any device!


Vader Streams

Now as you well know I love KODI and all things related to it, I also love my F1, but getting a stream was at times a little difficult. Now theres amazing streams out there for sporting events which I know you all love but sometimes its a little hard and sometimes off-putting trying to find them. Well this is where Vader comes in to its own. As you can tell in the video (at the bottom of the page) I do get a little over excited, why, well its because now much I think Vader Streams is prob the best IPTV subscription service not just for KODI as the title says. vader streams

Once purchased you will get a login, this is normally for 2 devices which clearly means you can have one on KODI and one on your phone, simples yet. Well you can also just login via ANY browser too and get live TV direct on any device, basically as I just said anything with a browser. If you want full HD streams, a TV Guide and all VOD then this is it. Now you may think hey why is cssc0der trying to sell this to us, well I’m not. I know my demographics and know you want easy, reliable streams at a click of a button and if it has a integrated TV guide too then I know you’ll be more than happy! Am I right. So if you want to sub, or even try Vader out for the weekend then head over too

and try it out. You can simple try a Vader Streams for 1 day, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or year subscription, clearly if you sub for longer it works out so much cheaper. But personally if you are sure then grab the 1 day trial, within that day i bet you go for the year sub as you will love it so much.

If you would like to watch how happy I am with Vader Streams then roll the VT

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