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Many builds have style, but this one has pure VIBE! In this debut build by ECHO, we see a sleek, no-frills, light, and fast build perfect for any and all Kodi supporting devices. Vibe is a super small yet super packed build with loads of tremendous add-ons that everyone can enjoy. With interactive widgets, fresh new add-ons, and of course the ECHO WIZARD suite of Kodi add-ons (ECHO Wizard, Add-on Installer, and ECHO TV Guide), this is definitely a build for the Kodi novice or any Kodi user to enjoy. Give your Kodi some VIBE.

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  1. I installed Echo via the tdbrepo url. Everything was fine until I tried to install an addon from within the Echo wizard (Oblivion Streams). It appeared to be doing it, then asked if I wanted to open it – I did…and nothing happened. Tried a few more addons and all were the same. It just won't install the addons. Every other repo addon installs just fine except Echo content. Don't want to delete as it looks great, but if it can't install an addon, what's the point?

  2. Tried to install endless build with all of the updates and new add on , but I cant even get the original build that you and the fellow from the UK video worked up to explain the launch? Nothing comes up the same with add on's and repository, etc.? Its as though the address and detail has changed? Can you advise please?

  3. I'm really liking the build and whilst I appreciate the emphasis is on streaming, don't forget us guys who also have a local media library. I'm not a KODI genius by any means, but I do work in IT and I'm struggling to figure out how to get easy access to my local library via the build and for the life of me I can't figure it out. If there's a (relatively) easy way to do it this will be my go-to build, it's spot on other than that. :o(

  4. love the new build, really clean and organized but I'm having some issues with the add ons like The Joker, ia working from the addon but not from the main screen. any advice ( I'm working from a fire stick)

  5. I downloaded the build and all the programmes etc, are there but the fanart, build layout is not showing. it just looks like the basic Kodi. How do I get it to show please?

  6. Is there any way to add clear cache, delete thumbnails, purge packages to the submenu… when i click on maintenance tool says "getting directory listing" and shows only… system restore (caution) any help appreciate it


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