Video Addons Vs Lawsuit and whats happening **Video and PDFs Attached**

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Video Addons Vs Lawsuit and whats happening

A couple of things prior to carrying on:

I am no expert on what actually is happening right now in the community, nor do I want to speculate on Law Suits and what addons may or may not be affected, this post is purely for information and for you the user / reader to check out what has been found and what currently is being discussed. The following pdf documents below are from a federal court system and @sarah_G_Barker paid the $ to get them so huge kudos to her for digging these out and sharing with myself and the community. In effect these are freedom of information documents and you can read the full listings and documents further down the page.

I will also add that theres a very good video on YouTube via Smash you can check his channel out here.

The video below give you some pertinent information and good in depth knowledge of the developers and where they may be heading in the future so please take a look.

Now as the video says, don’t worry which is the main thing. Already we have seen developers re-homed and continuing their dedicated work to the community, which is for free. I like to add the free parts as I think users may keep forgetting that.

So lets get to the part you may want to look and and have a read. Here are some snapshots but hit the link below to view all the documents in greater detail. 

Follow this link and let the discussion begin. Thank you again to @sarah_G_Barker and Smash for providing the information in this post.



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