VIMVIP 8 Pin Lightning Small Portable Mobile Phone iPhone Fan with 180 Rot…

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Price: £5.99

One of the characteristic of this mobile phone fan is its 180 rotating function which bring you more convenient and comfortable. Besides that, all parts of this fan is made of high quality material especially its high-class electric motor with stronger horsepower and without sound when it is in high speed rotation. In addition, it is an environmentally-friendly product because its body is made of ABS plastic with high degradation avoiding white pollution and weak leakage capacity of a variety of harmful gas. The design of its appearance look very delicate and cute for its pocket size so that it is carry-convenient and you can carry it anywhere to bring you cool and strong wind in summer. Also, it is compatible with many device with 8 pin jack not just suitable for iPhone 7. What’s more, its high quality material and advanced processing technology made it has a longer using life and bring you good using experience.

High Quality
This product is durable for its superior material and it also adopted the advanced technology and craft to build especially its EVA Fan Blade and high-class Electric Motor let this mobile phone fan has longer using life than others.

Sample Style
Its shape is compact and delicate and very fluid, uninterrupted lines let it look so cute and elegant and you also very convenient to carry and keep in any place and occasion.

Easy Operation
You just put it plug in your iPhone 7 or other device which compatible with 8 pin lightning and then it will work. Very easily to use.

What You Get
VIMVIP 8 Pin Lightning Small Portable Mobile Phone Fan with 180 Rotating for iPhone7 / 6S Plus / 6S / 6 / 5S / 5 / iPod Touch / iPad and 18-month hassle-free warranty and friendly customer service.180 Rotating Function: This 8 Pin Lightning Mobile Phone Fan is the newest product with 180 rotating function. So it will bring better using experience because you can change direction and angle anytime to find the most comfortable and convenient direction and angle when you use it.
EVA Fan Blade: The fan blade of this mobile phone fan is made of EVA material which made it more pliable so that it is more durable and could protect user better. In addition, its EVA material equipped it with characteristic of corrosion resisting let it last longer.
High-Class Electric Motor: Its electric motor is used high quality and advanced technology which let it have strong horsepower so it could rotate very fast to bring stronger wind let you feel more comfortable. What’s more, it never cause any noise in high speed rotation for its high quality electric motor.
ABS Plastic: The body of this fan is made of ABS plastic which has the characteristic of high degradation prevent the result of white pollution, at the same time, it has weak leakage capacity of a variety of harmful gas so this product is environmentally friendly and good for health.
Compatibility: It is 8 pin lightning design so it is suitable for some device with 8 pin jack not only suitable for iPhone 7 and you can use it on more device and occasion.


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