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VPN for KODI Competition

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Why one earth do you need a VPN for KODI you may ask. Well trust me there are a few reasons heres just a few. While it is highly recommended to connect to a VPN while using Kodi, it isn’t an absolute requirement for Kodi to function. Beyond the incomparable security benefits that a VPN provides, what a VPN really does is allow Kodi add-ons to shine. There are hundreds of add-ons for Kodi, but due to geographical restrictions, many users are unable to use the add-ons that they download. With a VPN, however, digital borders disappear, making all of the Kodi add-ons accessible from anywhere. Many people have asked me how to “un” geo lock content, well this is the absolute easiest way, and the cheapest too. So no more having to search for the content via other means, you can get that content you want straight away! Stay safe online!

You may think its complicated to set up, but it really isn’t, install KODI or an add-on, or even a build is WAY more difficult to set up, and with my help you find that easy now dont you. IPVanish just runs in the background, plus they have a fantastic site full of content just incase you run in to any issues. Check out The Best VPN for KODI and Access KODI anonymously just so you can see all the amazing features. I personally use it on my device, it just gives you that extra protections and peace of mind.

As you have probably seen on many sites that so many people recommend them so why not join them, well this is where the best part comes in.


Yes as I tweeted out the other day, I am giving away a 1 Year free membership to IPVanish!!! ohhhhhhh yes you heard it, how awesome is that. Well as you know I do try and be as helpful as possible and here is just one way I am doing that. So basically its the ultimate try before you buy, and 12 months peace of mind for free too. Yes I say again, how awesome is that!!! So now you know why you need a VPN for KODI lets get down to the very simple rules.

Simply comment on this post first then you can share this post. 1 Share = 1 Entry up to a maximum of 4 shares, that means a total of 5 entries. Very simple and this is how I have run my competitions from the start. So best of luck you awesome people.


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