Waste Management in the Philippines

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Waste Management in the Philippines has been an issue for over the past twenty years now. Most Cities are facing land depletion problems due to abounding number of landfills. Waste management problem arise due to improper waste management programs implemented that fall under the same category: band aid solution.

Waste Management is the proper transfer, collection and management of waste. Examples of which are recycling, incineration, gasification, landfills and dumps. There are cities in the Philippines that are applauded because of their solid waste management systems executed. Sindalan, San Fernando Pampanga is one of the few municipalities in the Philippines that established their own recycling facility. It is something to applaud for it will be of help to environmental conservation and aesthetics of the mentioned place.

Say the opposite of Sindalan in San Fernando, Pampanga is the City of Pines, Baguio City. The used to be cleanes and greenest city in the Philippines now stinks because of their unwanted garbage problem. The city of pines is experiencing this major destitution because of landfill deprivation. They are even experiencing fund draining due to the transport or garbage of every municipality. Hauling of their waste to other cities have caused them subsidize financial support.

The government of the Philippines has been keeping an open eye about the country’s waste management problem. The nation’s supervision towards the end of this mounting dilemma is to build biosphere facility sites to every municipality nationwide, facilities which diminish waste to generate green energy. This is a project of TGEG – SBSC, a joint venture to every local government officials in achieving a zero waste society.

Improper Waste Management in the Philippines is never ending unless the initiative of every individual will be awakened. It is just a matter of care plus a kick of inventiveness in order to resolve this infinite quandary.

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