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  1. Thanks Lamont, keep up the good work. But about the election, yes, we may have different views, but Donald Trump will make America great. He is not racist by the way, he is just against ILLEGAL citizens. I've heard EVERYTHING about Donald Trump's "racist" stuff. He wouldn't allow blacks into his apartment complex, not true. There is so much more. Wikileaks has debunked all that crap. The democratic party and the media LIES about everything. How would you like me to just start saying YOUR racist and everyone believing me? That's how it's like for Donald Trump. People trust the media so much they listen and believe anything they say. Donald Trump is the farthest thing from a racist. And anyways, about the other issues about him being fit and capable, yes, he is. He has the right people and knows how the country works. You think Donald Trump's going to do this all himself? No way. He's going to allow Pence and many others to help him. It doesn't matter if you hate Trump or not, he will make it great for all people and put the economy back together.

    Sorry about the ranting Lamont, I love you so much dude and your videos and subscribed you, but just wanna make you understand better. Trump will make America great again for you too. I'm black by the way, lol.


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