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Well here we are, finally I have released a website for you guys and gals out there that are consistently subscribing to my Youtube channel, Facebook and Twitter. I really appricaite every single comment and subscription and lately feedback too.

So what is cssc0der.com all about, what will it offer?

Youtube is a fantastic place for all things KODI related, best video/program add-ons, what build for install, in fact EVERYTHING. But what I have done here is to consolidate and list everything you need to know in a manner which I believe is visually pleasing to the eye (eye don’t know if it actually is though, so please let me known p.s see what I did their)

Its simply listed in an easy way where everything can be found. Also added is the Latest Tech news, Mobile News and Gaming via @OmgLosingBadly who does some awesome content for you. In the next few weeks I shall be adding Cyber Security, how to protect yourself online, I’ve been hacked before and now use 2-Step-Authentication on pretty much every social site I use, and I really am a social whore that loves the net.

I really don’t mind either if you believe that improvements could be made with the site, I am very open to constructive comments, you probably haven’t noticed yet but I am working on it all, but please let me know if they become annoying. I do try to spend a few hours each evening being a geek, but I do have a real life and a real job so I just try to do my best.

I will create a pinned post too to explain the basics on a build installations and a Video/Program Addon as YOU have asked me to, I am here to help so I shall assist in any way I can. Youtube Videos will are carrying on as normal. I have some fantastic build reviews coming up so stay tuned.

Developers Questions is an awesome insight in to the hard work that these guys/gals do to bring us some amazing content so please have a look on that. Everything on the Hompage is grouped together to give you snippets of the latest news, head to the actual page to find out more.

Anyways thats me done going on, you surely are bored right now? If you are then go check out the rest of the site!!! Questions? Then email them too Questions@cssc0der.com


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